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Walking with Terence, he shows me around his neighborhood in one of the old shanty towns, or ‘Peng Hu’ areas, near Suzhou Creek. His story reveals the raw living conditions of all residents both young and old.

The Peng Hu neighborhoods are fast disappearing within the inner ring. With property values at an all time high and the relatively poor living conditions of residents barely an eye seems to be batted when another one is lost. Because the areas are usually not historically significant, these areas are the first to go in any new developments.

Terence’s soundwalk takes place at night. The dynamic of loud and quiet was amazing, some parts were spoken almost as a whisper to match the general ambience. Parts of his story matched the eerie darkness of the area heightening the senses.

As usual, I recommend doing the walk at the same time of day as it was recorded to to match our experience. While this area is not the most glamorous in Shanghai, it does have it own unique flavor.