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这个1.5小时的步行路线将带你穿过这个地区的新区和旧区,你可以看到它们不同的发展阶段 – 从旧到新。她和还住在这里的当地居民聊天,他们都在等待着拆迁的机会。我们会路过提篮桥监狱,这是20世纪早期上海唯一一座监狱,由英国人建造,还会经过犹太区,漂亮的联排别墅,精致的砖墙。她的故事里也有上海本地人生活和习惯的影子。


Maxine’s old house was right at the exit of the new Xin Jian Lu Tunnel. The area used to be mostly occupied by Japanese during WWII and the structures remained largely unmodified until its recent demolition. Maxine and her family agreed to relocation in Baoshan District, just north of the city, two years before the recording.


This long 1.5 hour walk takes you through the new and old parts of the area where you can see its development in different stages- old to new. She talks with local residents still living amidst the change waiting for the opportunity to be relocated. We walk past the Ti Lan Qiao Prison, the only prison in Shanghai built by the British in the early 20th century and the old Jewish quarter with its amazing townhouses with intricate brickwork. Her story also give insight to the life and habits of local Shanghainese.


If your legs can take it, this walk will give you a comprehensive view of a part of the city that is off the beaten path.