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伦敦是一座令人应接不暇的城市,尤其是对第一次来到这里的人而言/每年有2000万游客在这个首都城市游览,这里也因为每天从城郊赶往城里工作的通勤者而日均增加12%的人口/因此,市中心区的音景也以同样的压倒之势扑面而来 – 充斥着道路交通、飞机和路面施工的声音/2018年夏天搬到这里之前,我对伦敦是不屑一顾的,固执地认为伦敦不过是个人人争得你死我活,充满资本主义气息的地方/游客总是在最忙碌、最观光也最热闹的区域扎堆 – 你也可以不出意外地通过这些地方的声音感受到这些/在伦敦度过这个夏天之后,我花了些时间在周边探索,重新和让我感到开心、平静以及激发我灵感的地方产生连接/我开始发现这座城市鲜为游客所了解的一面,以及更少被听到的声音/我开始理解为什么这么多人在这座城市找到家的归属感/在这本专辑里,我尝试用我听到的伦敦,以及我对在城市中心生活和工作的逐渐变化的感受来勾勒这个城市/而这些感受都包含在我收录的内容以及不同地方的声音里了/以下这些录音和图像均为未处理或剪辑的版本(除了对音频的长度进行了修剪)/请在安静的环境下佩戴耳机聆听,调节到让自己舒适的音量。感谢Bivouac Recording的Terence提供的机会//
London is an overwhelming city, especially for those new to it / Twenty million tourists pass through the capital every year and the population grows by 12% daily as commuters from the outskirts travel in for work / The resulting soundscapes the inner city creates can be equally overwhelming – dominated by traffic, planes and roadworks / Before moving here in the summer of 2018, I was cynical about London, not seeing past the rat-race and the unrelenting capitalism / As a visitor, one tends to spend time exclusively in the busiest, most touristy, stimulating parts of the city – and more often than not, these places are accompanied by sounds that reflect this / After spending the summer here, I have taken the time to explore my surroundings and reconnect with the types of places and sounds that make me feel content, calm and inspired / I am starting to discover a side of the city that you rarely see as a visitor, much less hear (or indeed listen for) / I am beginning to understand why so many people call this place their home / With this album, I have tried to portray London as how I have grown to hear it and how my feelings towards living and working in the centre of the city are continually shifting / These feelings are reflected in the things I have recorded and the sounds of the places I have discovered / The following recordings and images are unprocessed and unedited (except for trimming audio to length) / Please listen in quiet surroundings, on headphones, at a comfortable volume // Thank you to Terence at Bivouac Recording //
Ollie is a sound engineer from Bristol currently living and working in central London / He likes expensive bikes and cheap lager / www.ocampbellsound.com