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The spirit of knuckle-bone shooting bless you /

蒙古国文化里独特而丰富的音乐传统让Vortichez向往,2016年夏天她前去进行了一番不可思议的探索,并收录制作为生动的实地录音/60分钟城市 – 乌兰巴托收录了当地极富才华的音乐表演者的录音以及Khustain国家公园的日常声音/在她和当地游牧族家庭的互动相处里,整个蒙古国都变得鲜活了起来。

她通过60分钟城市 – 乌兰巴托项目获得的所有收益均将捐给Lotus Children’s Centre儿童中心。

The uniqueness and rich musical traditions of Mongolian culture led Vortichez to some incredible discoveries in Summer 2016, which she has captured as vivid field recordings / 60 Minute Cities – Ulaanbaatar includes recordings of stunningly talented musical performers and the daily sounds of Khustain National Park / Mongolia really comes alive in her interactions with one of the nomadic families living there /

All of her proceeds from 60 Minute Cities – Ulaanbaatar will be donated to Lotus Children’s Centre //



Vortichez (个人网站https://soundcloud.com/animus-1)着迷于天然有机的声音以及电子音乐里天然有机的声音审美元素,尤其喜欢Pierre Schaeffer以及Trevor Wishart创作的声音和教学。她认为电子音乐的一个发展方向就是将电子乐先驱者的精神、方法和许多非西方音乐理论和实践的多样性和实体能量相结合。Vortichez生于英国,2010年离开后在许多国家和地区生活和居住。在英国,她从音乐之城布里斯托汲取了许多创作灵感。

她在几个国家都制作过实地录音作品,包括纽约,其作品可以在A Sagittariun’s的专辑Elasticity(2016年4月发行于Elastic Dreams)找到。她平时会用水听器和接触式传声器,正在研发包括电子乐器泰勒明在内的现场装备。

Vortichez平时使用的电脑软件包括Logic Pro, Audacity, Native Instruments以及 Trevor Wishart’s Composers Desktop Project tools桌面工具等。为了保留这个蒙古国城市的声音原本的真实,除了后期母带处理,她在编制60分钟城市,乌兰巴托项目录音的时候,没有加入其他效果。Vortichez的其中两个作品作为获奖作品被选入2016年作曲人大赛‘63 Variations on the Body’,为哲学家Jean-Luc Nancy的Corpus一书节选‘Indices’读书会录音创作配音。

2017年,Vortichez将参加Stockhausen关于声音投射的大师班,也会去RPI(伦斯勒理工学院)攻读已逝作曲家Pauline Oliveros开创的深度听觉练习证书,此外,她还会前往威尼斯进行一些实地录音。

Vortichez (https://soundcloud.com/animus-1) is fascinated by organic sound and the aesthetic of organic sound in electronic music, particularly the sounds and teachings of Pierre Schaeffer and Trevor Wishart. She sees one of the paths for the future of electronic music as combining the methods and spirit of the electronic pioneers with the diversity and somatic energy of many non-Western musical theories and practices. Originally from the UK, Vortichez has been able to live in and explore many regions since departing in 2010. When at home, she takes inspiration from the musical city of Bristol.

She has made field recordings in a number of countries, some work from New York appearing on A Sagittariun’s album Elasticity (released on Elastic Dreams in April 2016). Hydrophones and contact mics have a place in her kit, and her live set up which is under development includes theremin.

On the computer Vortichez enjoys using software such as Logic Pro, Audacity, Native Instruments and Trevor Wishart’s Composers Desktop Project tools. No effects other than mastering were used when compiling 60 minutes Ulaanbaatar however, with the intention that the authenticity in the sounds of the city and Mongolian culture would shine through.

Two of Vortichez’ pieces were chosen as winners of the ‘63 Variations on the Body’ call to composers in 2016, to create soundtracks for recordings of the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy reading the ‘Indices’ from his book Corpus.

2017 will see Vortichez attend the Stockhausen masterclass in sound projection, begin studying for certification in the late Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening practice at RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), as well as taking some field recording equipment to Venice.