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I have lived in Virginia all my life, and first moved to Richmond in April of 2016. I was excited to use this opportunity to discover more about my new home. My research led me to discover African-American landmarks that had been erased by the state, as well as the icons of racist Confederate leaders that had been upheld and glorified despite opposition. Rochmond’s history as the reconstructed capitol of the short-lived Confederate states of America and its foundationon slavery and genocide are still very present in the city infrastructure (and lack thereof). Richmond is only just beginning to take steps to mediate the disparity between its treatment of white history versus the histories of queers and people of color in its public spaces and collective consciousness. However, some communities have taken this process into their own hands by centering the voices of queer people and folks of color in cultural and political spaces. We have a long way to go, but the seeds of the new Richmond are incubating.


Katie Wood (又名Sugarlift)是活跃于弗吉尼亚里士满的声音和试验性音乐制作人/她的作品加入了身份和地点的互动/她的目标是为人物和地点的自然叙述创造一个平台,放大那些和她相交的闻所未闻的人类和非人类的声音/她想要在观众和作品之间建立一种亲密的情感,一个聆听、想象、梦想和孵化故事的避难所。​

Katie Wood (a.k.a. Sugarlift) builds sound and experimental music pieces in Richmond, VA / Her work engages interactions of identities and location / Her goal is to create a platform for emergent narratives of people and place and to amplify the voices of unheard humans and nonhumans as they are interwoven with her own / She wants to create an intimate feeling between the audience and the work, to establish a refuge of listening, imagining and dreaming in which stories can unfurl //