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帕多瓦是意大利北部城市,邻近威尼斯,历史可以追溯到几个世纪以前:由城市里无数的建筑遗迹可以知道,帕多瓦建于前罗马时期,它的方方面面也反映出城市发展的不同阶段/这座历史城市中心是典型的中世纪建筑,向外包裹着之后几个时期的建筑,最外围的一层是一些二战后的建筑/这所大学为城市持续增添着生命力,大学里有不同的院系,以及人数众多的学生/帕多瓦属于Po Valley山谷,在20世纪,这个地区以强劲且大规模的工业化程度闻名/我和这个城市的联结开始于我的高中年代/除了在这里上学,我还在这里参加了我的第一个朋克音乐会,在这里滑冰,和我的乐队彩排/此次60分钟城市项目给了我这个机会再一次发现、分析和体验这座城市,更清晰更全面地记录这里的声音和噪音,这些声音定义、塑造和传达了这个城市的构造/感谢Bivouac Recording的支持和信任//
Padua is a city in northern Italy, close to Venice, with a history that dates back several centuries: it was built in pre-Roman times, as testified to by its numerous archaeological remains, and its multiple facets reflect the various stages of its development / The historic center is characterized by a medieval nucleus, surrounded by later buildings and by a large periphery dating from the second postwar period / The life of the city has always been marked by the presence of the University, which is organized into different faculties, and by the countless students attending it / Padua is part of the Po Valley, an area known for its strong and massive industrialization throughout the 20th century / My connection with the city dates from my high school years / In addition to school, I came here for my first punk concerts, to skate and to rehearse with my music group / Now, although I study in Venice, for three years I have been living in Padua / The project 60 Minutes Cities gave me the opportunity to rediscover, analyze, experience and develop a clearer and more thorough documentary and analytical approach to the sounds and noises that characterize, contextualize and communicate the urban fabric / Thanks to Bivouac Recording for their support and trust //
我1992年出生在帕多瓦(意大利),过去三年都生活在那里/现在我在威尼斯New Art Technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts美术学院上学/两年前,我开始接触实地录音,一边做着自己的具象音乐研究/存档、文件以及记忆图层是实地录音和我自己的作品中的重要元素/我追求多样化的创作灵感,尤其重视将自然和数字环境联系起来/这两者的结合创造出前所未有的模式,帮助我理解当代真实生活里的方方面面/我和Daniela Almansi 以及Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto共同创立了文化协会Terateros/

I was born in Padua in 1992 and have been living there for the past three years / Currently I am a student in New Art Technologies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice / Two years ago I became involved in field recording, while also developing my personal research in musique concrète / Archive, documentation and memory layers are essential elements of field recording and of my own work / In the latter I pursue a variety of interests, in particular the hybridization of the natural and digital environments / The union of these two inputs generate unprecedented paradigms that help me decode the multiple facets of contemporary reality / I am co-founder of the cultural association Terateros with Daniela Almansi and Chiara Masiero Sgrinzatto /