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A sensation of plenitude
while contemplating complex soundscapes
whose beauty is unexplainable
that can carry the listener elsewhere
when the spirit combines
availability, attention and perspicacity

(adapted from Jean-Francois Augoyard – Henry Torgue)


渥太华(源于阿尔冈琴族语言中的Odawa,意思是‘进行贸易’,拥有90万人口),北纬45.4215°,西经75.6972°,是欧洲殖民之前 一片未割让未让与的领土,生活着本地原著居民 – 阿尔冈琴族人,他们生活在东安大略省安大略河南岸/渥太华的前身是Bytown,建于1826年,1867年成为加拿大首都,改名渥太华/ Schryer通过收录的声音刻画这个城市,这些录音体验滋养了他的心灵,给他带来了意料之外的、觉醒的体验/60分钟城市 – 渥太华收录了10个6分钟的音景录音和摄影作品,录音收录于2016年11月11日到2017年2月24日之间/这些录音呈现了Schryer和渥太华之间联结的缩影:政治、家庭、运动、生态、文化和精神联结。


Ottawa (from the Algonquin word Odawa : “to trade”, population 960,000) is situated at 45.4215° north, 75.6972° west, on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the original inhabitants before European colonisation, the Algonquin people, on the south bank of the Ottawa River in eastern Ontario, Canada / Founded in 1826 as Bytown, it became the City of Ottawa, capital of Canada in 1867 / Schryer’s portrait of Ottawa is about audio experiences that nourish his spirit and that carry him into unexpected and awakening experiences / 60 Minute Cities – Ottawa is a collection of 10, 6-minute soundscapes and photographs recorded from November 11th 2016 to February 24th 2017 / They present a snapshot of what connects Schryer to Ottawa : politics, family, sport, ecology, culture and spirituality.



Claude Schryer是一个加拿大电声音景创作人,1959年出生于渥太华,出生在蒙特利尔生活了很长时间,1999年和家人一起搬回渥太华,开始在加拿大艺术协会(Canada Council for the Arts)工作/时隔18年之后再创作,他开始尝试简单的音景,即通过聆听探索正念内观(www.simplesoundscapes.ca),在2016年12月发布了10分钟音景播客,播客每周更新一次//

• 简单=简单但不一定不复杂
• 音景=世界音景项目中的电声音景创作
• 正念内观=佛学禅宗中的意识和存在

• 是什么吸引一个听者进入一段录音体验?
• 什么样的录音体验可以滋养心灵?
• 发现吸引人的、迷人的音景,能让人产生共鸣、想要聆听一遍又一遍的音景
• 像摄影师一样,找到如何捕捉一个事件的方法:录音的角度、一天中录音的时间以及焦点的区域
• 把收录音景作为一场演出,按‘它本身的样子’呈现,让聆听者产生自己的理解
Schryer在安大略省及周边地区长大,尝试过多种职业,包括钢琴演奏、单簧管演奏、作曲、打猎以及捕鱼/他曾在安大略省的Wilfrid Laurier University大学、阿尔伯塔The Banff Centre for the Arts艺术中心以及魁北克McGill University大学学习作曲、跨领域艺术以及新音乐,1980年和1990年期间,他主要从事艺术指导、制作人以及声音剪辑师等工作(详见 http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/schryer_cl/)。他的妻子Sabrina Mathews是一名电影制作人和艺术家。他们有两个孩子,Riel和Clara。


Claude Schryer is a Canadian electroacoustic soundscape composer born in Ottawa in 1959, lived mostly in Montreal and moved back to Ottawa in 1999 with his family in order to work at the Canada Council for the Arts / After an 18 year absence from composition, he started simplesoundscapes: exploring mindfulness through listening(www.simplesoundscapes.ca), a weekly 10 minute soundscape podcast in December 2016 //


His approach to simplesoundscapes:

• simple = uncomplicated but not necessarily un-complex
• soundscape = electroacoustic soundscape composition in the tradition of the World Soundscape Project
• mindfulness = awareness and presence in the tradition of Zen Buddhism

Two underlying questions inform his work:

• what draws a listener into an audio experience?
• what kinds of audio experiences nourish the spirit?

His artistic process is to:

• identify a compelling and engaging soundscape, one that has resonance and that might be interesting to listen to again and again
• like a photographer, figure out how to capture the event: the recording angle, the time of day, the area of focus
• record the soundscape as a performance and present it ‘as is’ for consideration by the listener


Schryer was raised in and around the City of North Bay (Ontario) where he was active as a pianist, clarinetist, composer, hunter and fisherman / He studied and explored composition, interdisciplinary arts and new music at Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario), The Banff Centre for the Arts (Alberta) and at McGill University (Québec), after which he was active as an artistic director, producer and sound editor in the 1980’s and 1990’s (see http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/schryer_cl/). He is married to filmmaker and artist Sabrina Mathews. They have two children: Riel and Clara.


With thanks and appreciation to those whose voices and images that have been recorded for this project.