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“But if this body contains me
than is it also not so
that as I travel through places
places travel through me
and that sometimes, though I go,
places stay? ”



Excerpt from the poem ‘Places Stay’, by Danish author Birgitte Lyregaard

  摘自丹麦作家Birgitte Lyregaard诗集 ‘Places Stay’

科尔丘拉岛(Korčula)被称为‘亚德里亚海中的一颗珍珠’,小的时候和现在已经大不一样了/作为一个热门的旅游目的地,每年夏天这里都吸引了成千上万的游客前来游览/这里是我母亲出生的地方,也是我母亲的家族生活了很多个世纪的地方/这里是我儿时玩乐的地方,也是我第一次接受关于文化和环境教育的地方/如果我只能用一句话来描述科尔丘拉岛(Korčula),我会说:夏天里,这里是‘狂欢的天堂’,而冬天里则像是一个‘废弃的剧院’/这个古老的威尼斯城镇有很多特别之处 – 它的存在远早于威尼斯共和国的存在,我们现在看到的它最后的样子却无处不见后者的影子/它的地理位置 – 坐落在一个小型半岛,拂过亚德里亚海的季风,所以这里的夏天总是自然凉爽;它的建筑之美 – 作为堡垒修建,两边的街道纷纷向最高点聚拢形成鱼骨形的建筑外形 – 这是古老而特别的圣马可大教堂/于我,科尔丘拉岛(Korčula)被无与伦比的地中海风格包裹,洋溢着生气,是孕育我的地方,是有着绝无仅有音景的岛屿//


Korčula town, one of the “pearls of Adriatic”, was in my childhood quite different place then it is nowadays / Being a popular touristic destination it attracts thousands and thousands of people every summer / It is the birthplace of my mum and a home for that side of my family for many centuries / It was my childhood playground and the place of my first cultural and environmental education / If I would have to describe Korčula in one sentence it would probably go like this: A ‘Dionysian heaven’ in the summers and a ‘ghosts theater’ in the winters / There are so many peculiarities about this old Venetian town – existing long before Venetian Republic but the final look we see today is largely influenced by it / Its position – placed on a tiny peninsula perfectly conducting several Adriatic winds, always being naturally air conditioned; its architectural beauty – being constructed as a fort in the shape of a fish bone with side streets climbing toward the highest spot – a very old and quite unusual St. Marco’s Cathedral / For me Korčula is the radiating living entity wrapped up in incredible Mediterranean nature, the place of my personal growth, and a sonic island like no other //




Manja Ristic/1979年出生在塞尔维亚贝尔格莱德/是一位小提琴家、声音艺术家、策展人以及研究员,主要活跃在电声、乐器即兴演奏以及试验性声音相关艺术领域/她大学毕业于贝尔格莱德音乐学院(Belgrade Music Academy),此后前往伦敦皇家音乐学院继续学习,获得硕士学位/过去几年,她着重于开发自己的记谱体系,体系搭建的概念基于直觉图形和微分音乐器方法/她的作品大部分偏向对声音视频表演、直觉作曲以及声音生态等的共同感觉的探索/将声音艺术与乐器即兴演奏、实地录音与电子技术相结合,聆听是一种自我生成的体系的行为/她的即兴氛围独奏是混合了独特的声音集合以及‘具象音乐’的表演/她和许多各种不同的艺术家和表演者合作/Manja是Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis的创始人(2004年创办)以及ArtSync网络广播的编辑,同时,她长期坚持试验性声音相关艺术的创作。


Manja Ristic / Born in Belgrade 1979 / Violinist, sound artists, curator and researcher mostly active in the field of electro-acoustics, instrumental improvisation & experimental sound related arts / Graduated at the Belgrade Music Academy, then gained PGDip at the Royal College of Music, London / In the past years focused on development of own notation system, which is built through the concept of mirroring intuitive graphics with microtonal instrumental approaches / Her work is largely turning toward exploration of synesthesia in AV performance, intuitive composition and sound ecology / Sound art merges instrumental improvisation, field recording and electronics, building concept of listening as an act through self-generating structures / Her improv-ambient solo acts are mix of unique sonic journey and “musique concerete” performance / She collaborates with a wide range of artists & performers / Manja is a founder of the Association of Multimedia Artists Auropolis (since 2004) & editor of ArtSync web radio, permanent stream dedicated to experimental sound related arts //​